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Self care and increasing awareness

It’s been a while since I wrote in my blog I’ve been busy and I know it’s not an excuse to keep up with my blog nor will i make one. But what’s been up with me? I’ve been doing self care meditating trying to get my mind focused and off things that don't and shouldn’t matter. Depression is real people it’s very important to go get checked out if you’re going through something I always encourage that to anyone who feels like they’re going through anything that is mental health related cause if you’re not gonna take care yourself who will? I lost a couple friends and had to distance myself away from a couple people cause I felt like they didn’t understand and that they thought it was a joke. Nothing about losing interest in your favorite activities, having thoughts about suicide, or even contemplating it is fun nor cool all these are real events. This also shows me who has my back who doesn’t and those who try to look down on me due to what I have going on. Last year of December when I was in the hospital nobody came to see me except my wife and my sister. My brothers called of course my mom I’m thankful they did. But nobody else even thought about checking on me even some other individuals i thought were close to me but they weren’t. My lesson was learned and I make sure I watch who I bring close to me cause I don’t want to deal with the bullshit or excuses why they couldn’t do something or why they didn’t have time. It’s not hatred It’s more like being aware and who I should trust and who I shouldn’t. its not the negativity that is fueling me but the positivity in limiting who I give my energy and time to. Time is something you can’t get back and I refuse to waste it on those who aren't worth it. Today March 7th 2019 at 9:24am my time will no longer be wasted by anyone. This is it for today I will make sure I do better keeping up with my blog I hope everyone has a great day and remember to take care of yourself and be aware of who you give your time to!



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