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Self care and self love

Hello world! Sorry for being off the grid for a while! From doing my album to doing therapy and along with other stuff I've had my hands full. It's been a long couple of months but I feel like I am managing as well as knowing what triggers me or sets off the anxiety part. It's always good to know yourself and learn more about yourself when you get in those panic attacks or start feeling the anxiety taking over. First thing that I do is write down what triggers me so I know to stay away from it. There is so much you can learn from yourself and sometimes at all we dont even know ourselves like we think we do. Usually it's our better half that knows us better than we do. If it wasn't for my wife I wouldn't be here today even sharing my experiences or testimonies. I've been through so much it is amazing that I'm still here. The major thing is I learned is to maintain self control because not all situations deserve an reaction. Not everyone deserves your words but silence can be the key to eliminating any kind of drama or even extra stress that can come torwards you. Peace within yourself should be the main goal you strive for before making peace with anyone else because if you dont have peace within yourself how do you expect to make peace with anyone else???? That is the post for today and I hope everyone learns from it.



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